Cafcass eLearning completion rates for all staff

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If you’ve read the posts on the Cafcass webinar training sessions that they provide to their FCAs you may, like us, be interested in hearing about the other training that Cafcass provide to their employees.

First let’s look at Cafcass employee numbers:

Total Employees1749172716161711
FCAs who left132101140111
Dismissed FCAs9269
FCAs who left under a compromise agreement0340
Cafcass referrals to HCPC about an FCA5034

Now let’s look at how these FCAs are split across the Cafcass Service Areas:

RegionService AreaNumber at 1st Jan 2016Number at 1st Jan 2017
Tyneside and Northumbria A15154
Durham, Teesside, North Yorkshire, York, Cumbria and LancashireA2114109
Greater Manchester A38279
South Yorkshire and Humberside A46065
West Yorkshire A57267
Hampshire, The Isle of Wight and Dorset A65251
Avon, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Thames ValleyA78686
Cornwall, Devon and SomersetA86268
Cheshire and Merseyside A995100
Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire A105551
Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire A116567
Birmingham, the Black Country, Shropshire and Worcestershire A129697
National Business Centre, Coventry, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire A136366
Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire A14117117
Greater London (Public Law) A15A131146
Greater London (Private Law) A15B8085
Surrey and Sussex A165457
Kent A174340
N/A (Self Employed Contractors)SEC22

And let’s look at how many cases they’re responsible for:

Month Public LawPrivate Law Total number of Cases
Apr 1,226 3,461 4687
May 1,159 3,1724331
Jun 1,281 3,5024783
Jul 1,306 3,3834689
Aug 1,2583,4554713
Sep 1,2273,4974774
Oct 1,1523,3944546
Nov 1,2883,5094797
Dec 1,0882,8523940
Jan 1,1273,2664393
Feb 1,1393,3624501
Mar 1,2923,8615153
Total 14,54340,71455257

And, incase you’re interested, here’s the gender breakdown for these employees – we’ve included the HCPC gender breakdown too so you can compare like-for-like across all social workers:

HCPC registration gender breakdown - all social workers81.56%18.44%

Cafcass Training and Completion Rates

When asked, Cafcass had this to say about their elearning platform and course content:

Cafcass has an online eLearning platform called MySkills. Cafcass’ uses the Totara eLearning platform to run MySkills and the tool Cafcass uses to develop eLearning modules is called Adapt.

Both platforms are provided by Learning Pool. MySkills is an eLearning platform which offers training and learning on a range of social work and non-social work topics.

MySkills allows Cafcass staff to access both internet based courses and book training sessions provided by Cafcass on a variety of topics. MySkills is hosted and maintained internally by Cafcass staff in the National Improvement Service (NIS) team.

Cafcass have a series of training materials that they refer to as Knowledge Bites (which are basically a couple of pages in PDF format for each one) These are referred to as elearning by Cafcass but do not appear in the list below. This is because the list of courses below are “proper” elearning courses that require more than a minute of two of perusal.

In the table below we have provided the total access rates as provided by Cafcass under a series of FOI requests. We have contrasted this with the employee numbers as of this year and we show the differential – in other words we’re also showing you how many Cafcass employees have NOT completed each of these training courses.

The last 2 columns will be updated from time to time. Most courses are assumed to still be available on MySkills but this isn’t confirmed until we see actual confirmation from Cafcass on a course by course basis. You’ll also see that where we know, we’re providing the “last accessed” date, again where we have that date as reported by Cafcass.

eLearning ModuleNumber of staff members who have accessed these modulesTotal staff members (in 2017)DifferentialStill available on MySkills?Last accessed
Adolescent Self-Harm and Suicide eLearning.13717111574YesUnknown
Authorisation Guidance for Budget Holders/Managers1617111695YesUnknown
Budget Management for Non Finance Managers2017111691YesUnknown
Business Continuity Management eLearning Module3017111681YesUnknown
Business Support YE eLearning module2117111690YesUnknown
Cafcass House Style e-Learning2617111685YesUnknown
Case Planning eLearning46717111244YesUnknown
Chair's Responsibilities eLearning417111707YesUnknown
Child Sexual Exploitation eLearning12731711438YesUnknown
Coaching in Cafcass Module 1: Introduction to Coaching Skills20917111502YesUnknown
Coaching in Cafcass Module 2: Listening Skills17317111538YesUnknown
Coaching in Cafcass Module 3: Asking Coaching Questions15717111554YesUnknown
Coaching in Cafcass Module 4 - Goal Setting13817111573YesUnknown
Coaching in Cafcass Module 5 - Solution Finding12417111587YesUnknown
Coaching in Cafcass Module 6 Cafcass Coaching11117111600YesUnknown
Communicating with deaf parents and children eLearning2017111691YesUnknown
Customer Service for Business Support16717111544YesUnknown
Display Screen Equipment eLearning47717111234YesUnknown
Effective Minute Writing eLearning7317111638YesUnknown
Effective Writing2917111682YesUnknown
E-learning module - Managing sickness absence1617111695YesUnknown
elearning on Introduction to Practice Eductors8317111628YesUnknown
eLegal core module9417111617YesUnknown
Emotional Intelligence eLearning1917111692YesUnknown
Equality & Diversity eLearning for FCAs4617111665YesUnknown
Expense Reimbursement Policy eLearning older version13141711397YesUnknown
Finance Year End eLearning2217111689YesUnknown
Fire Safety eLearning3517111676YesUnknown
Fixed Asset eLearning1617111695YesUnknown
Flexible Working eLearning2417111687YesUnknown
General Governance and Board's role in the Public Sector717111704YesUnknown
Health and Safety5017111661YesUnknown
Health and Safety Basics for All3717111674YesUnknown
Health and Safety Policy - Manager's Briefing1817111693YesUnknown
Health and Safety Policy Digest for Staff2517111686YesUnknown
Health and Safety Risk Assessment eLearning2417111687YesUnknown
Health, Wellbeing and Meditation14017111571YesUnknown
Individual Board Member's Responsibilities317111708YesUnknown
Induction to Ebis and the Payment Process2317111688YesUnknown
Induction: Equality & Diversity for Business Support6917111642YesUnknown
Induction: Safeguarding for Business Support26017111451YesUnknown
Introduction to Cafcass eLearning33617111375YesUnknown
Introduction to Local Safeguarding Children Boards1117111700No12th June 2013
Introduction to organisational change617111705YesUnknown
Introduction to Private Law19317111518YesUnknown
Introduction to Public Law (aka Starting work as a childrens guardian)28917111422YesUnknown
Leave to Remove eLearning617111705YesUnknown
LGBT eLearning8917111622YesUnknown
Managing Change517111706YesUnknown
Meeting Skills217111709YesUnknown
Mindfulness eLearning2317111688YesUnknown
Motivational Interviewing e-learning7617111635YesUnknown
Neuro Linguistic Programming317111708YesUnknown
New student e-learning2317111688YesUnknown
Optimising Nutrition1617111695YesUnknown
Presentation Skills4917111662YesUnknown
Private Law Assessment Tools eLearning29817111413YesUnknown
Project management v2717111704YesUnknown
Protecting Information: Level 112321711479YesUnknown
Protecting Information: Level 224217111469YesUnknown
Quality for Children part I - principles717111704No11th Sept 2012
Quality for Children part II - tools717111704No14th Sept 2012
Representing Cafcass on a Serious Case Review Panel617111705YesUnknown
Responsible for Information eLearning60017111111YesUnknown
Risk and Harm in Cafcass Domestic Abuse elearning31617111395YesUnknown
Risk and Harm in Cafcass elearning32917111382YesUnknown
Risk Assessment Framework eLearning1117111700No7th Jan 2016
s25 Secure Accommodation eLearning5817111653YesUnknown
Self Development5017111661YesUnknown
Special Guardianship Orders eLearning1717111694YesUnknown
Spelling, Grammar & Punctuation16617111545YesUnknown
Stress Management4117111670YesUnknown
Surrogacy and Parental Order Reports11117111600YesUnknown
Team Leading817111703YesUnknown
Use of Texts and Social Media and Staying Safe Online44517111266YesUnknown
Using Resources Wisely eLearning8917111622YesUnknown
Using the Reasons Pack10317111608No24th Feb 2016
Working with Independent Reviewing Officers (IROs)517111706YesUnknown
Writing a CV1517111696YesUnknown
Year end eLearning for Business Support2417111687YesUnknown
Year end eLearning for business support 2015-16217111709YesUnknown
Year End eLearning for Managers2817111683YesUnknown

Cafcass add (24th May 2017):

Further to experience in social work, our Family Court Advisers receive training while at Cafcass in order to assist with their continued professional development; as part of registration with the HCPC, all social workers on a biennial basis must provide evidence of their professional development.

All social work staff are required to complete six core inhouse training modules upon joining the organisation, which will be completed within the first six months:

  • Risk and Harm in Cafcass;
  • Legal Context and Court Skills;
  • Case Work Start to Finish;
  • Interviewing Skills in Cafcass;
  • Child Sexual Exploitation;
  • Introduction to Private Law/Public Law

Of course the problem with this is that we can now see the completion rates for these core modules:

eLearning ModuleNumber of staff members who have accessed these modulesTotal staff members (in 2017)Differential
* Case Planning eLearning46717111244
* Child Sexual Exploitation eLearning12731711438
* eLegal core module9417111617
* Introduction to Private Law19317111518
* Introduction to Public Law (aka Starting work as a childrens guardian)28917111422
* Motivational Interviewing e-learning7617111635
* Risk and Harm in Cafcass elearning32917111382

Which hardly sounds like “All social work staff are required to complete six core inhouse training modules upon joining the organisation, which will be completed within the first six months” because as we can see, their supplied completion rates don’t support this statement.

HCPC and Cafcass Training Requirements

All FCAs are registered with the HCPC and therefore subscribe to the professional capabilities (section 5) in accordance with their registration. You can read the HCPC requirements here:


Take a look at the completion rates for completing an expenses claim. – Remember that these figures are for all employees including FCAs – Cafcass say that their system does not provide a departmental or role based breakdown on employees who use their MySkills system.

Now compare these figures to any of the courses that relate to actually supporting children.

And compare it with the webinar attendance figures for Parental Alienation and for Emotional Harm run by their own Chief Executive Anthony Douglas:

RegionService AreaNumber of FCAs January 2017FCAs who attended Anthony Douglas Parental Alienation WebinarFCAs who attended Anthony Douglas Emotional Harm Webinar
Tyneside and Northumbria A15420
Durham, Teesside, North Yorkshire, York, Cumbria and LancashireA210932
Greater Manchester A37910
South Yorkshire and Humberside A46521
West Yorkshire A56703
Hampshire, The Isle of Wight and Dorset A65102
Avon, Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Thames ValleyA78622
Cornwall, Devon and SomersetA86812
Cheshire and Merseyside A910030
Leicestershire, Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire A105110
Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire A116730
Birmingham, the Black Country, Shropshire and Worcestershire A129731
National Business Centre, Coventry, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire A136620
Essex, Suffolk, Norfolk, Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire A1411712
Greater London (Public Law) A15A1465 in total for A15a and A15b3 in total for A15a and A15b
Greater London (Private Law) A15B85see row abovesee row above
Surrey and Sussex A165723
Kent A174011
N/A (Self Employed Contractors)SEC200

How can any modern organisation operate like this? Surely they have policies and procedures on staff training?

A researcher asked:

Please provide a copy of your learning and development department (or whichever department is responsible for this) policies and procedures on staff requirements to complete online and offline learning.

Cafcass responded: Cafcass does not have specific policy on staff requirements to complete online and offline learning.


As adults and parents we teach children that to become good at something they need to practice, they need to study, they need have an open mind, and they need to revise.

It seems Cafcass does not operate under the same ethos with their own employees.



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