Somerset County Council

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Please could you provide copies of your policies and procedures for reported incidents of parental alienation.

We do not have a specific policy in respect of parental alienation.

Please confirm whether you provide or recommend any specific parental alienation CPD learning or development for your children’s services employees.

We do not currently recommend any specific Continuing Professional Development (CPD) learning around parental alienation. However, operational staff have access to information around parental alienation via commissioned on line learning resources provided by the local authority.

Please provide copies of your policies and procedures that address onward referrals of cases that involve emotional abuse to children

Cases of emotional abuse are dealt with by Local Authority (LA) social workers as children in need or children in need of protection. As part of these interventions, the LA may refer on to a number of different agencies as identified in the child’s assessment and care plan.

Please provide copies of your safe guarding policy for children referred to you, your Local Safeguarding Board, or your Children’s Services teams

This information is already available online and can be found at



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