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Cafcass have an elearning platform called MySkills which you read more about here:
Cafcass MySkills eLearning Platform

In addition to this Cafcass also publish internal training PDFs called Knowledge Bites. A number of these are authored by the Cafcass Librarian (read more about the Cafcass library) and have been in circulation for years.

Avid readers of this site will note that Cafcass often refer to having “elearning modules” or “training modules” when describing how resourced up they are on a particular subject but this is just them confusing terminologies. An elearning module is normally something that takes between 20 minutes and an hour to complete, has defined learning points and objectives, and is considered part of an employee’s mandatory training or CPD.

These Knowledge Bites certainly do not meet that description. When viewing the viewing rates shown below remember that, according to Cafcass themselves, and Cafcass have around 1,500-1,700 employees per year, of which around 1,400 are FCAs (Family Court Advisors aka Cafcass Officers).



Knowledge Bite Total Views
 Child Development Knowledge Set  36
 Coached Children Knowledge Bite  28
 Contact Private Law Knowledge Bite  23
 Contact Public Law Knowledge Bite  50
 Emotional Harm Knowledge Bite  30
 Evidencing Safe Reunification Knowledge Bite  16
 Post-separation Control Knowledge Bite  9
 Radidcalisation Knowledge Bite  168
 Social Workers and Social Media Knowledge Bite  39
 Understanding and Responding to Neglect Knowledge Bite  30
 Qualitative case file review of special guardianship orders  22
PDFs not obtained yet:
 Attachment Theory  45
 Early Permanence  2
The Attachment Theory and Early Permanence Knowledge Bites were removed from MySkills at the beginning of the 2017-18 financial year

We’ll let that sink in for a while.

For those of you interested in Parental Alienation and Cafcass then you should take a specific look at the Knowledge Bites for Coached Children, for Emotional Harm, and for Post-separation Control.

If you’re interested in Internal Relocation by a Resident Parent (with the children) to another part of the country you should specifically look at the Knowledge Bite on Post-separation Control.

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