What is the gender breakdown of FCAs within Cafcass?

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Cafcass were asked:

“Please could you tell me the gender breakdown of your staff in general and Court Reporters in particular.”

They replied:

Employees at 31st Dec 16
Female Male
FCA 82.9% 17.1%
Overall 81.4% 18.6%

Cafcass were asked:
“Please also confirm the current staff turnover also broken down by gender.”

Staff Turnover Jan – Dec 16
Female Male Total
FCA 12.5% 9.9% 12.1%
Overall 14.8% 12.7% 14.4%


FOI request: 30th December 2016
Link: What Do They Know

A FOI request was made in December 2016 to the HCPC (Health and Care Professions Council) to ask for the gender breakdown of all social workers registered with them. They provided the following figures in January 2017:

Gender Totals Percentage
Females 74,141 81.56%
Males 16,757 18.44%
Total 90,898

FOI Request: 30th December 2016
Link: What Do They Know

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