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Source Material:

This elearning course was authored by the Voice of the Child team using the Cafcass Knowledge Bite Post-separation Control Knowledge Bite as the foundation.

References used by Cafcass to construct their original Knowledge Bite:

Gardner, R. (2004). Commentary on Kelly and Johnston’s ‘The alienated child’. Family Court Review, 42, 611-621.

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Update – 22nd October 2017

If you view the completion rates for Cafcass Knowledge Bites in our research post (cafcass-knowledge-bites) you’ll see that only 9 Cafcass employees accessed the Knowledge Bite on Post Separation Control in the whole of 2016 and 2017.

Within 24 hours of launching this training on our website here we had 77 users who PASSED the training.

9 Cafcass employees in 2 years.

77 users in less than 24 hours.

To read more about Cafcass and their ability to take Parental Alienation seriously, never mind resolve it, please read the following research posts:

And don’t forget to have a go at the training course above.

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