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On October 14th 2017 Anthony Douglas the CEO of Cafcass attended the Parental Alienation Workshop in London organised by the charity Families need Fathers Both Parents Matter. We have written about this previously including Mr Douglas’s response to our questions on why his FCAs aren’t trained.

Mr Douglas was due to give a presentation to this workshop but instead spoke freely during his allotted time and answered questions at the end. You can view this here:

We have now obtained a copy of the presentation that Mr Douglas was due to present.

Provide a copy of the draft copy of the High Conflict Pathway document that Anthony Douglas presented from at the event.

A draft copy of the CIAF (formerly known as the High Conflict Pathway) was not presented at the Families Need Fathers Parental Alienation workshop on 14 October 2017.

At the workshop, Anthony Douglas, Chief Executive of Cafcass, delivered a presentation titled ‘How Cafcass assess Parental Alienation’ and made reference to the High Conflict Pathway, but the pathway itself was not presented at the workshop

Confirm the authors of that document.

The ‘How Cafcass assess Parental Alienation’ presentation was produced by Anthony Douglas, Chief Executive of Cafcass.

Although it is strictly true that Anthony Douglas did not present from the High Conflict Pathway draft document, he most certainly referred to specific sections of it and waved it around in front of everyone.

It is also interesting to note that Cafcass have supplied this presentation, a presentation that none of us were aware of because Mr Douglas didn’t use it on the day, in response to the FOI for the draft HCP presentation.

Here are the key slides:

Opening Slide

Cafcass Parental Alienation

Private law case management pathway

Cafcass assessment framework for Parental Alienation

Final slide

Our observations

That final slide is very telling and ties in with what everyone has been telling Cafcass for some time. Parental Alienation, High Conflict, Implacable Hostility, Contact blocking or obstruction, false allegations, and all the other things common to the cases that Cafcass are involved with, are all a public health issue.

They all relate to the emotional abuse of children.

Why is it that the CEO of Cafcass recognises this and yet cannot get his FCAs to act appropriately and early enough?
Why do Cafcass wait for a case to become entrenched into years long conflict before they will recognise what’s going on?

You can download the PDF presentation here:
How Cafcass assesses Parental Alienation London 14 10 17


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